2024-02-10: How to change the environment of a running (parent) process under Linux?
2024-02-06: Usenet - still alive
2024-01-03: IOTA, Chrysalis, Trinity, Firefly and whatever else this crap calls itself
2023-01-15: apt-file - Find programs inside APT/Debian-repositories
2022-12-08: Prevent password query for SSH access on client side
2022-11-16: Generate spectrograms with arecord, sox and ffmpeg/avconv
2022-10-26: Bye firefox
2022-08-21: Download YouTube videos in high quality using youtube-dl
2022-07-13: Convert images to a single video
2022-06-03: Browse SMB/CIFS shares under Linux with smbclient
2022-05-23: Transferring files with Netcat/nc
2022-04-07: Test the IO performance of hard-disks/disks using Linux
2022-03-18: Set the exif-date with exiftool
2022-02-03: Set up Steam under Debian without an installer
2022-01-17: Freshcode-Club - Your preferred software-repository

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